Interested in Adopting? YAY!!

Now that you have visited and played with the cats, perhaps you’ve fallen in love with one and would like to take it home? 

A cat (or kitten) will make a pawsome addition to your family. Here are some helpful things to know to make the adoption process go smooth…

All of the cats are available for adoption through our partner, Ozzie’s Legacy. The cats belong to them, Something Pawsitive is the foster home for the cats. The contract that you sign will be between you and Ozzie’s Legacy. 

  • Once you have decided on a cat, you are responsible for contacting Ozzie's Legacy to start the adoption process. Please allow them time to get back with you if they don't answer immediately. Ozzie's is a group of volunteers who all have full time jobs.
  • When you and the Ozzie's rep meet at Something Pawsitive, you will be given an application to fill out. They will go over the app with you and answer any questions.
  • Ozzie's is not set up to take debit/credit cards. Please have cash available. They also accept CashApp or Venmo. 
  • The adoption fee is $95. This money goes directly to Ozzie’s to  help to offset vet costs of spay/neuter, shots, flea treatments, etc.
  • To take the cat home, you must have a pet carrier. Please bring one with you. Cats are NOT allowed to leave Something Pawsitive in your arms. We are on a busy street in front of an active rail line. Noises can scare a cat and make it bite, scratch or run off. They are safest in the carrier. 
Momma Mia getting adopted by a Family at Something Pawsitive.
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We brought Maui (Tay Tay) home 2 years ago today, and it was the best thing that could've happened to for our family. We love so much and I wanted to say thank you for what you do!

- Sumer

Once you get the cat home, please be mindful that this is a big adjustment for your new pet. They can run and hide until they feel safe or they may take over immediately. All cats are different. To help the adjustment period, here’s a list of a few essentials to make them feel at home..

  • Cat food - The food we use is Purina Naturals Kibble if you prefer to start them on that for easier transition.
  • Cat toys
  • Cat tree
  • Cat treats
  • Scratching post
  • A large water bowl or fountain and food bowls
  • Litter box, plastic liners if you’d like , and a scoop - all of the cats are litter boxed trained. We use a variety of brands, but they’re all clumping, clay litter. 
  • Basic cat grooming items


Cat with one eye

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Location : 223 S Pruett St, Paragould, AR 72450

Located in the One and Only, Downtown Paragould!


Tuesday - Wednesday:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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*Saturday is Reservation recommended to avoid waiting times, please fill out the reservation form here.